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Nick Siconolfi

Nick Siconolfi

A Day In The Life

Program: London

Intake: August 2013

Current Role: Program Manager at John Wiley & Sons


My Alarm Goes off… too early, but not as early as it would if I were still commuting to Hoboken every day!

I’m Responsible For… managing the largest strategic program for Wiley’s Research business. The Scientific/Scholarly publishing industry is going through a dramatic shift, whereby all researchers expect scholarly publications to be free to read for everyone. This radically changes how Wiley earns revenue, engages with our customers, and performs our day-to-day operations. My program is all about preparing the business with the right infrastructure and processes to allow for Wiley to not only survive, but to thrive and grow in the face of this changing landscape.

I Got The Job… in January 2019, after much hemming and hawing about not wanting to commute into Hoboken where Wiley is headquartered. The company was willing to be flexible, and in retrospect it now seems silly that this was even a consideration!

My Typical Day… involves lots of meetings with different stakeholders around the business, usually stacked throughout the morning with colleagues in the UK and Germany. Followed by making sure I carve out time in the afternoon for myself to work out, think and reflect on how best to set the organization up for success as it navigates through the various challenges we are facing while trying to deliver on our objectives.

The Culture Of My Workplace… Collaborative, sometimes even too collaborative. But always inclusive, encouraging, and motivated. People at Wiley are driven by our products, services, and mission; and colleagues think of and treat each other as family.

My Most Memorable Work Moment… bringing a collection of 50+ colleagues together from around the world to lead a three-day workshop; the output of which led the business to form and invest in what became known as the End-to-End Publishing Program, and my promotion from Project to Program Manager. That workshop was held in late February 2020. A few weeks later our offices were shut down as a result of the pandemic.

The Most Challenging Part of My Job… trying to break down siloes between departments and getting senior leaders to agree on a path forward towards a collective goal.

The Best Part of My Job… the smart and motivated colleagues I get to work with every day.

Plan B:  If I wasn’t doing this, I would… is going back to Mountbatten an option?

Anything else to share… I’m hiring! Looking for a dedicated Project Manager with some experience implementing new software. If you are interested in learning more let’s connect!

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