Miriam Nwosah - Mountbatten Program

Miriam Nwosah

Miriam Nwosah

A Day In The Life

Program:  New York

Intake:  March 2012

Current Role:  CEO, Creative Director, Content Creator and Digital Marketer at Webizza


My Alarm Goes off…at 5:00am and if I don’t hit the snooze button, I start working on a digital marketing plan or scheduling posts for social media accounts I manage. Usually, my day starts at 7:00am, I do an hour of meditation and yoga. Then listen to a motivational speech by Les Brown or Oprah while I get ready for work. At 10:00am I arrive at a client’s company where I work as a consultant. The rest of the day involves product shoots or post-production.

I’m Responsible For…Since I work for myself as well as consult for other media companies, my responsibilities differ slightly. As the CEO and Creative Director of Webizza Studio, my main responsibilities are creating digital marketing plans and executing them, while as a consultant, I am responsible for hiring freelancers to execute projects. I am also responsible for providing creative direction for product shoots.

I Got The Job…I was working as an Operational Manager at a business consultancy, but I wasn’t satisfied with my job because I am a creative and I thrive in an environment that is dynamic and where I can utilize my creative skills. Prior to working there, I had taught myself website design, graphic design, videography and photography. With a huge interest in social media marketing, I decided to start my own media company when I lost the job, hence Webizza Studio was born.

My Typical Day… as a content creator and digital marketer involves client meetings, product shoots and post-production. My day usually has a scheduled product shoot for my clients, either a video shoot, photo shoot or both, and what follows is the post-production process of editing the content. Asides from product shoots, I might be working on a digital marketing plan for a client’s business.

The Culture Of My Workplace…Currently I work with freelancers and they usually work remotely, which means we don’t have a workplace culture. In the future, I plan to obtain a studio space where I can employ full time staff and as such, cultivate a workplace culture. I imagine a workplace that encourages creativity, I’ll have an open door policy and employees will be entitled to free lunch and they will be allowed to play creative games around the office, we’ll also have a yearly staff fun retreat.

My Most Memorable Work Moment…the day I acquired my first client! I was so happy because before then I was working a 9-5 job that I didn’t enjoy.

My Role Models are…Linda Ikeji, Kemi Adetiba, Ava Duvernay, Oprah, Gary Vee, Jasmine Star and Chris Do.

The Most Challenging Part of My Job…is convincing the client to spend the right budget for their project. Sometimes clients want high-end content but they are not willing to pay the price, meanwhile the quality of every production depends on the available budget.

The Best Part of My Job…is seeing the positive engagement and sales my clients get from the content we produce for them. Also, I genuinely enjoy creating content so most of the time it doesn’t seem like work for me.

After Work… Since I work for myself, I finish work when the work is finished. In other words, I have long working hours, most times at 10:00pm I go home and finish an edit then watch Netflix to relax before bed time.

Plan B: I had a 9-5 before I started working for myself, so being a content creator and digital marketer is my Plan B! However, I am passionate about art and I plan to establish myself as a digital artist as well – watch out for my art exhibition!