Mary-Ellen McGann - Mountbatten Program

Mary-Ellen McGann

Mary-Ellen McGann

Alumni Supervisor

Program: London

Intake: August 2015

Current Role: Vice President at Citi Global Wealth


What is your current job – tell us a little about your career journey post Mountbatten.
I participated in the Mountbatten program in 2015-2016 and was placed at Citibank in the Private Bank on the Banking team – which provides cash management and banking solutions to clients. Following the program, I continued my career with Citi and relocated to the New York Office. I then left Citi, joined Goldman Sachs for 5 years and held various roles. Throughout my years at Goldman, I continued to keep in touch with my old Citi colleagues and in 2021, an opportunity came up to join the same team I was on during my Mountbatten placement year. I jumped at the opportunity, moved to London and now have been back in the team for over 2 years.

My role is focused on product and project management across the cash management and banking solutions we offer to clients – which range from affluent to ultra-high net worth, to family offices.

In what capacity do you host a Mountbatten trainee?
Our team at Citi has had a Mountbatten for 10+ years – our Managing Director has been a long-time supporter and champion of the program.

Our Mountbatten trainee works with our team on pricing management, analytical work to drive sales revenues and supports ongoing product management activities.

How long have you been a manager of a MB at your organization?
Only a year – it’s been such a great opportunity!

Now you are a manager of a MB – what are the top 5 benefits of hosting a Mountbatten trainee in your team?

  1. Strong hiring pipeline – at Citi there are many ex-Mountbatten colleagues I interact with on a day-to-day basis
  2. Fostering diversity – Mountbatten attracts and recruits candidates from all over the world
  3. Fresh perspectives – each Mountbatten that has been on the team has created or improved a process on the team
  4. Increased effectiveness – trainees help substantially across the team in a variety of projects

What do you love about being a MB manager?
Since I’ve been through the program I can relate to the experience of our trainee – it definitely makes it easier to support and guide for the duration of the year!

Why do you consider it is important for you as a Mountbatten alumn to be part of the full program cycle?
Mountbatten transformed the trajectory of both my career and many of my interpersonal relationships that I still hold today. I want to give back as much as I can to the community since it has done so much for me!

What are your top tips for getting approval internally to host a Mountbatten trainee?
Mountbatten has a slew of information and presentations available that you can provide to your management team, and assist with the management of the program & overall success of host organisations. I think the key is to really make the program known – once managers know about the program they are easily sold!