Katharina (Kat) Brendel - Mountbatten Program

Katharina (Kat) Brendel

Katharina (Kat) Brendel

A Day In The Life

Program:  New York

Intake:  March 2014

Current Role:  Co-Founder, CoWomen

I’m the Co-Founder of CoWomen, the community and coworking space for women, I host the Leading Rebels podcast, and collaborate with kickass (wo)men to create human-friendly content as a storytelling and podcasting expert.

My Alarm Goes off…I don’t have a set schedule but often at 7:30.

I’m Responsible For…I’m the Head of Communications at CoWomen, so I take care of everything that’s marketing & PR.

I Got The Job…By creating it myself!

My Typical Day…There isn’t one! Depending on the day, I might have a strategy session with a client, write marketing content for CoWomen, record a podcast, speak at an event, have meetings at the space, or have a focused creation session in my home office.

The Culture Of My Workplace…We’re all about connection and empowerment. That means making time to connect on a human level, flat hierarchies, and giving each other the push and support to go after big goals.

My Most Memorable Work Moment…When we opened the CoWomen space! Having a vision come alive and having others love it too is second to almost nothing.

My Role Models are…Shonda Rhimes, Marie Forleo, Elizabeth Gilbert, Arlan Hamilton … the list is long.

The Most Challenging Part of My Job…Juggling all the things! I love being multipassionate, but fitting all the different parts of being a founder, podcaster, and consultant all in one can be a challenge sometimes.

The Best Part of My Job…The connections I get to make and seeing the real-world impact the work I do is making – especially in women’s lives.

After Work…I love connecting with people but I need quiet downtime to recharge. Most times that looks like reading, yoga, or catching up with a friend over a drink.

Plan B: If I wasn’t doing this, I would…Probably be founding something else! Once the entrepreneurial bug bites you, it’s over. And I already have some ideas swirling around wanting to happen someday.