Kat Brendel - Mountbatten Program

Kat Brendel

Kat Brendel

A Day In The Life

Program: New York

Intake: May 2014

Current Role: Podcast Artist Manager at Julep Media, a Libsyn company, and Storytelling & Podcasting Strategist at Tell on Purpose, my own company


My Alarm Goes off… At 8 am on the dot because that’s when my pup Bodo needs to go out for his morning walk.

I’m Responsible For… Acquiring great podcast voices and connecting them with advertisers for Julep. I also look after podcasters from our portfolio and support wherever the shoe pinches – or celebrate when the shoe fits phenomenally.

At Tell on Purpose, I help business owners with their storytelling and podcasting strategy to not just ride the audio wave, but to create their own.

I Got The Job… At Julep because I’ve been a serial podcaster myself for over six years and have been self-employed as a podcasting strategist for the last five. The combo of knowing what it feels like in podcasters’ shoes as well as my background in journalism and marketing giving me the strategic insights on what it takes to create a successful podcast was the perfect fit for Julep.

My job at Tell on Purpose I created myself – it grew organically after launching my first podcast back in 2017 and getting increased requests to help others launch and grow theirs.

My Typical Day… I usually start off the day reading the Podnews and Mixdown newsletters to see what cool new podcasts have come out and stay up to date on industry news. At Julep, the rest of my day is a mix of researching and pitching new podcasts, calls counselling our existing podcasters, internal meetings, and setting up and testing new features and processes (I’m a systems nerd).

At Tell on Purpose, depending on the day, I’m recording either for my own podcasts or a corporate learning company I create custom episodes for; writing my storytelling newsletter, Inside Story; doing strategy & coaching calls with clients; creating marketing material from webinars to social media posts; and also have to take care of the less exciting, behind-the-scenes business stuff like accounting.

The Culture Of My Workplace…At Julep, there is a lot of freedom to structure your work how it best works for you and to try out and go after new ideas and projects.

At Tell on Purpose, one of my big focuses is on ethical marketing, working with purpose-driven clients, and collaborating with other, diverse business owners.

My Most Memorable Work Moment…At Julep, I recently got to attend the Spotify All Ears conference and meet with a bunch of podcasters as well as producers and other behind-the-scenes industry peeps whose work I love, which was pretty great.

During my time being a podcast strategist, I hosted a booked-out Women in Podcasting event which was a definitive highlight: From getting to moderate a panel with kickass women podcasters to seeing what resonance the topic had and how many more women got encouraged to pick up the mic and change the unbalanced representation that (unfortunately still) exists in the space.

My Role Models are…Since they’re linked to their podcasts, I’ll mention those, so you have some great podcast recs to tune into: Unlocking Us, The Daily, We Can Do Hard Things, Where Should We Begin?, Art of Power, Magic Lessons, and Sound School Podcast

The Most Challenging Part of My Job…Having great, unheard voices doubting themselves or, almost worse, them getting out there and creating something great but it not getting the resonance or support it deserves, and they need, to keep going.

The Best Part of My Job…When someone I work with launches their podcast – always the best day. Closely followed by when I have strategy sessions and can see lightbulb moments happening in real-time.

After Work… Bodo always comes first with another walk, then either I have a cozy night in reading or watching something, or I head out to meet friends, go to a dance class, or head out to a networking event or to volunteer.

Plan B:  If I wasn’t doing this, I would… be a fantasy author.