Juliet Fallowfield - Mountbatten Program

Juliet Fallowfield

Juliet Fallowfield

A Day In The Life

Program: New York

Intake: September 2003

Current Role: Managing Director and Founder of B Corp certified Fallow, Field & Mason (FF&M)


Juliet is the Managing Director and Founder of B Corp certified Fallow, Field & Mason (FF&M), offering business owners bespoke coaching on how to establish their own in-house PR function and achieve significant editorial press coverage. As a hybrid in-house/agency dedicated PR solution, FF&M demystifies public relations, allowing CEOs to grow brand awareness while optimising marketing budgets.

With a background holding senior marcom positions with some of the world’s leading brands, in London, Sydney and New York, Juliet is in an ideal position to share her experience and knowledge with others.

“I turned 43 this week. On a Monday, in January. Typically the bleakest month in the UK.
However this year I am ‘down under’ exploring the 7th continent, Antarctica, while working remotely.
Technology enables us to work from anywhere but it is down to a company’s culture to encourage it.

I’m so proud that at Fallow, Field & Mason we have the freedom to work from anywhere. Be that from home, the office …or below the Antarctic circle.

Exploring the world is everything to me. The people I get to meet and the educational conversations I’m lucky to enjoy are now all part of a day’s work.

Thank you previous employer for the redundancy & opportunity to work my own way.”