Jim Clark - Mountbatten Program

Jim Clark

Jim Clark

A Day In The Life

Program: New York

Intake: January 2001

Current Role: Commercial Research Director @ Econsultancy


My Alarm Goes off… it can depend on how late I was working the night before. I collaborate with US clients and enjoy being online when they are (especially if we’re racing against tight deadlines).

I’m Responsible For… Imagine you’re a brand wanting to know your customers’ thoughts or position yourself as an industry or market expert. That’s where my team comes in. We create outputs based on surveys of executives or consumers (in-depth interviews are also an area we specialise in).

These can vary from an internal workshop to designed reports and infographics targeted at the client’s existing audience or audiences they’d like to speak to. I oversee the whole process, from assembling a team of experts depending on the area of focus, to presenting the results at events.

I Got The Job… Econsultancy is an authority on all things digital, ecommerce, and marketing, and being hooked on these areas helped get my foot in the door. I’d also worked at digital agencies like Accenture Interactive and research firms like Mintel, where I’d demonstrated client-facing skills.

My Typical Day…It all depends on the client and our stage in the process. If we’re kicking things off, my day might be packed with meetings with the client’s senior management team to understand their business and goals. Then on our side, we roll up our sleeves and get busy crafting interview or survey questions.

We’ll analyse the results once the survey is in from the field (which can range from days to weeks). If the result is a report, we’ll draft a bare-bones version and progress to a full write-up and design once approved. I’m lucky to work with a stellar team of analysts, writers, and graphic designers.

Outside of live projects, my days might also be filled with talking to potential clients, cooking up research proposals, or brainstorming new content products we can sell to make our services even more attractive.

The Culture of My Workplace… Econsultancy is part of a family of brands known as ‘Xeim,’ which stands for ‘Excellence in Marketing.’ So, you can imagine, we’ve got a lively and diverse group here. We have industry experts in our consultancy and learning sections, content creators and journalists producing articles and reports for Econsultancy.com and our sibling brand, Marketing Week.

My Most Memorable Work Moment… Flying into Vegas twice for work this year to present at events. My first time was in January, and while we’ve all heard about aspects such as the Eiffel Tower and Manhattan’s skyline recreation, it had to be seen to be believed. The events themselves were on a different level regarding venue size and range of speakers. Plus, I got to extend the trip to visit family in Arizona.

My Role Models are… A former manager, and a close friend, have both been tremendously helpful over the years.

The Most Challenging Part of My Job… As you’ve probably guessed, I enjoy what I do, and sometimes it’s hard to switch off.

The Best Part of My Job… It is challenging to nail that down exactly. It ranges from building long-term client relationships to the satisfaction of creating something for the world to see and the promotional side.

After Work… I’m in the office twice a week, based at WeWork Waterloo, which offers a free bar at the end of the day, so the team and I usually take advantage of that.

Plan B:  If I wasn’t doing this, I would…That’s harder than it sounds. I’m unsure, as I think I’ve found my niche here. Perhaps something involving Karaoke? (those who were with me on the NY programme in 2001 will understand!)