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Janine Esbrand

Janine Esbrand

A Day In The Life

Program: New York

Intake: September 2006

Current Role: Career Coach and Speaker


Janine Esbrand, nee Griffiths, (New York, September 2006), who is a career coach, international speaker, former lawyer and mother of 2.  In April 2021 Janine took the step of working full-time in her career coaching + speaking business.  Since then, she has been enjoying the autonomy and creativity that comes from running her own business, which has a particular leaning towards helping professional women to do work that has real meaning for them…

Current Role:
After going on a mission trip to East Africa in 2011, I decided that I wanted to do more to help people on a personal level. As a lawyer, I was advising corporate clients on M&A deals and big transactions, but I wanted to feel the impact of my work more. So, in 2014 I completed my coaching certification alongside my legal career and developed a portfolio career.

All was going well this juggling two roles and a young family, until lockdown happened. I found myself struggling with competing client demands and the intensity of homeschooling two young children. I was forced to make a tough decision and choose where I wanted my focus to be.

In April 2021, I transitioned into working full-time in my career coaching + speaking business. I have been enjoying the autonomy and creativity that comes with running your own business. The best part of my job is receiving messages and emails from clients, who have landed dream opportunities and secured huge salary increases. I absolutely love helping women advance into roles that are ideal for them.

I am on a mission to equip and empower more female professionals to take control of their careers and transition into work that really lights them up. I admire people who have been able to create something out of nothing and touch the lives of lots of other people in the process. I find women like Sarah Blakely and Nicole Walters very inspiring.

The most challenging part of my job is creating structure and boundaries. I enjoy what I do, so often find it difficult to switch off and think about other things. I am a work in progress in that regard. If I wasn’t working in my current business, I think I would create another. I really like the autonomy, creativity and impact that come together when you build a business from scratch.

A day in the life routine
6.30am – My human alarm clock (in the form of my 4 year old daughter) goes off and forces me to get out of bed.

7.55am – After getting myself ready, I make my two children breakfast and get them ready for school.

8.45am – Arrive at my office and grab a hot drink and make some breakfast. I check my calendar for the day. I am responsible for coaching my clients, preparing speaking presentations and driving our marketing campaigns forward.

9.15am : Review my emails and respond to any urgent requests from clients, potential clients or marketing partners

9:30am : Check in on my team using slack, to see if my input is required on any projects.

10.00am : Work on a presentation or slide deck for an upcoming speaking engagement, upcoming interview or podcast episode.

12:00pm : Check in on my group coaching clients inside of our online community.

12:30pm : Grab some lunch.

1:30pm : Create marketing content to be shared on social media channels.

2:30pm: Prepare my session notes for an evening coaching session with my group coaching program clients.

3:15pm: Leave the office to pick my children up from school.

4:00pm : Arrive home, help the children with homework, prepare dinner and complete the bathtime-bedtime routine.

8:30pm : Lead coaching call with group of clients.

9:40pm : Wind down, reading and reflection time.

11:00pm : Go to Bed.