Hardy-Jian Wang - Mountbatten Program

Hardy-Jian Wang

Hardy-Jian Wang

Entrepreneurial Alumni

Program: London

Intake: August 2012

Current Roles: Founder and CEO of Globalright an information consulting business, in the international educational servicing sector, which he set up in 2016 in Beijing, China.


Describe your business and your role within it. 
My business is called: Globalright Information Consulting including some sub brands, such as Globalright Study Tour, Globalright International Education etc. It was founded in 2016, headquartered in Beijing, China. I am the Founder and CEO.

Globalright is an international educational servicing company that provides many different types of educational programs, such as: summer camps, study tours, study abroad services, international talent recruitment services etc. It aims to help Chinese kids, families and schools to experience different countries and cultures, achieve their study goal, cultural experience goal and business growth, so that the youth grow up healthier, families get happier and business can expand better.

How did you get into this line of business? 
Globalright was originally from my own story, ideas and dream, that I had always wanted to do.  Also, the Mountbatten program inspired me and sparked lots of ideas. I have a strong belief that cross cultural education can influence and help more young people and families and companies, and have a positive impact on the whole of society in terms of relationships, understanding and harmony.

How did you go about setting it up and getting established?
Back then, I first started to do my own research and asked my friends and classmates to collect all useful information. Then I started to look for some proper business partners to work as a team to get started, and later a friend of mine in China helped me complete all the business registration paperwork and office renting affairs etc. before I moved back to China from the UK.

What else is in the pipeline?
Currently we are looking to expand the study tour business line and switch from bringing Chinese kids from China to other counties, to bringing more internationals, including kids and adults to China, to experience camps and tours etc.

What has been the proudest moment in your working life thus far?
I had two students who were in our company’s summer camp programs and now they are in Cambridge University and Oxford University. They both say that our summer camp program changed their lives and taught them so much.

What has been your biggest mistake/learning experience?
My biggest learning experience so far is how important it is to choose the right business partner, so that my business can benefit from it. Otherwise, it can have a negative impact on the business, and eventually it could even destroy the business.

Who are your role models?
My role model is Jack Ma, who was the Founder and CEO of Alibaba Group.

Any words of advice/wisdom would you impart to others thinking of setting up their own business?
I would say these are the three most important pieces of advice to the future start-up founder or CEO:

  1. Look for the very right partners.
  2. Gain the ability to look for the capital to expand your business.
  3. Focus on making the right strategy decisions for your own business, and learn to delegate other jobs to correct people in your business.