Emily Grochowski - Mountbatten Program

Emily Grochowski

Emily Grochowski

Entrepreneurial Alumni

Program: London

Intake: August 2013

Current Roles: Personal Development & Success Coach and Founder of Emily Gro Coaching


Emily recently started on a new career path as an entrepreneur and coach, after working for a decade in management consultancy, helping companies to grow their businesses mostly in the mergers & acquisitions space.

Emily explains, “My experience on the Mountbatten program strongly positioned me to embrace the unknown and find joy in exploring. Most recently this is starting a new path as an entrepreneur and coach.”

How did you get into this line of business?
This journey has been a decade in the making – building off my Mountbatten experience with a placement at UBS Investment Bank. After I completed my MBA with Mountbatten, I pivoted into management consulting working with financial services and technology companies to grow their businesses through defined strategy, mostly in the merger & acquisitions space. Through this work, I realized that I was passionate about collaborating with others – so I took the leap into entrepreneurship by launching my own coaching business.

Describe your business & your role within it.
As a Personal Development & Success coach I work with individuals and teams to define and achieve their personal and professional goals, including leadership development, career transitions, and personal exploration.

How has the business evolved?
When I launched – my sole offering was 1:1 coaching packages focused on helping others define their ideal career path. Since then, it has grown into group programs, business trainings, expanded individual offerings, and speaking opportunities at live events and podcasts.

As an introduction to coaching, I wanted to share three tips I have learned from my first year of entrepreneurship:

  1. Have a clear vision – Before diving into a new venture of any kind – understand what you want. Where do you see your life 5, 10, 20 years from now? This seems far into the future but if you start with a really big, scary dream, you will be able to break down and decide what your shorter term goals and actions look like.
  2. Start to get comfortable with being uncomfortable – The biggest block I see when working with clients is the fear of change – and for good reason, change is uncomfortable! But not nearly as uncomfortable as staying in place when you feel like you want more.
  3. Celebrate your small wins – While it’s important to have that guiding vision, the best way to keep motivation and energy up is acknowledging that you’re doing something to contribute to your goal every day. Maybe it’s a social media post, a discovery call, a brainstorming session – celebrate when you get something done because those add up to the big things.

If you are interested in learning more about what I do – check out my website www.EmilyGrochowski.com or on Instagram @EmilyGroCoaching