David Mantle - Mountbatten Program

David Mantle

David Mantle

Entrepreneurial Alumni

Program: New York

Intake: September 2007

Current Roles: Co-founder of Stashbee


David Mantle (New York, September 2007) a co-founder of Stashbee, is another pandemic success story.  David and a small team set up Stashbee in 2017 with a vision “to put the world’s unused space to good use”.   Fast forward to 2022, and Stashbee has achieved investment, growth beyond initial expectations, and a resulting re-brand.


In David’s words, “Stashbee was founded in 2017 with a single goal – to be the place for space. From storing items to parking cars, our mission is to put the world’s unused space to good use. From vacant garages and parking spaces to sheds and spare rooms, we connect those in need of space to those who have space to spare.

Fast forward five years, and we’ve become the UK’s fourth-largest storage provider, with over 2 million square feet of space up for rent from our reputable Hosts across the country. And we believe that a great deal of our success comes from being completely transparent and trustworthy – we run verification checks on all of our Hosts, manage all payments securely and offer customer support 7 days a week. Simply put, we’re here to make finding space simple for our Renters, as well as making it easier for our Hosts to put their empty space to good use – and helping them earn a bit of extra cash along the way”.

Read the full article:  stashbee.com/blog/the-buzz/unbox-the-new-stashbee