Professional Enrichment

Future-proof your career by developing a digital mindset, in collaboration with tech education company, Decoded.

Digital Fluency

Digital Fluency in collaboration with Decoded

Trainees that are enrolled in either our Diploma or MA program will also gain access to our professional enrichment program focused on upskilling young professionals in digital technology. In collaboration with industry leaders, Decoded, Trainees will undertake a five-part learning module aimed to equip them with a greater fluency around the disruptive technology landscape, which is impacting and driving the future of work. Taking place at Decoded's contemporary NY offices, this training is typically reserved for corporate giants such as Citi, Unilever, IBM and Siemens.

Why is tech training key for my career?

Tech is changing the world we work in and disrupting every industry across the business landscape. McKinsey Global Institute even predicts that in the US automation could wipe out a third of America's workforce by 2030 and London continues to boast the biggest tech cluster in Europe with jobs in the sector growing by 20% since 2008. *

The future of work is developing at a pace and having the understanding and skills to not only kick-start your career but carry through your employment journey, is essential. With Digital Fluency you will:

  • Achieve literacy and understanding of the key technical concepts which underpin disruptive technologies
  • Understand the skills that employers are seeking in the new digital workforce and discuss these learnings in future job interviews
  • Gain digital skills that you can apply to both your daily and strategic roles
  • Feel enabled to continue learning about these digital trends to remain upskilled and competitive in the global employment market, despite the constant transformation as a result of technology
  • Have a more entrepreneurial, innovative and agile mindset

Who are Decoded?

Decoded are a digital education company, founded in 2011, with bases in New York, London, Amsterdam, Sydney and Hong Kong. They prepare big corporations and their workforce’s for digital disruption and have already worked with more than 5,000 companies, across a diverse set of industries, to understand and embrace technology. Clients include Google, HSBC, Mastercard, Visa, Marks & Spencer and more.

Course details

You will participate in five immersive learning sessions with tech savvy facilitators. The first four sessions will be 90 minute blended talks that are energetic, engaging and interactive. These sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Code & APIs
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Cyber security

You will get hands-on with learning basic code, hashing algorithms blockchain, and you will gain an understanding of how AI could transform the business you are in.

The final session will be a half-day innovation workshop allowing you the chance to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. In this workshop Trainees will learn what it means to innovate in the digital age. Informed by open source, lean startup, agile and design thinking principles everyone will leave with the entrepreneurial principles that have powered some of the world’s biggest businesses.

Full Details

PDF nyc-professional-enrichment-digital-fluency.pdf

* EMEA Tech Cities: Opportunities in Technology Hotspots by CBRE