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Making Headlines with World’s First…

19th December 2019

Our New York Program Alum, Varun Bhanot, has achieved a world first with his social impact business. is the world’s first online shop for the homeless, every time you purchase an item from their store that same item is gifted to a member of the unhoused community. Varun and his co-Founder wife’s vision doesn’t stop there though. They’ve made the headlines for revealing the world’s first self-cleaning sweatshirt!

Retailing at £69.99, the premise remains the same, you purchase one for you or a friend and donates one to the homeless. It’s claimed that liquid bounces off of the sweatshirt without staining it, it dries 40% quicker than regular clothing and doesn’t need to be washed for a month.

Varun said: ‘It could be a game-changer for sustainable clothing all over the world, and an absolute life-saver for the UK’s homeless and those sleeping rough, who may not have access to washing facilities and need to be kept warm and clean all year round.’