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Join A Global Running Club – Charity Initiative

4th May 2020

Global Running Club

Our Alum David Taylor (New York Program, August 2012), has set up a global running project with a friend to help people stay active and raise funds for charity during these challenging times. The main objective is to train to run 19 miles on Friday, June 19 and raise funds for Doctors without Borders (MSF) to beat COVID-19. The initiative has already been featured in the Edinburgh Evening News and Scotsman websites

They are aiming to create a global running club, with people from all parts of the world taking part, to create a big community of runners. The club is promoting staying active and fit and connecting people (all within government guidelines), all of which will help battle any loneliness or mental health issues people have. On the final day (June 19), runners around the world will have their own choice as to when to start, what route to run, and where to do it. Please note, they will be highlighting the UK government’s restrictions around exercise and social distancing to ensure they don’t have groups of runners out at the same time and location.

There are many ways to get involved with this charitable cause, whether that’s joining in yourself or donating to their cause, including buying one of their t-shirts with all profits going to charity.

They are also looking for volunteers who are passionate about the project and can help spread the word or are experts in social media, media production and editing.

Links to their social media and fundraising are below: