Do you want to find out what participating in the Mountbatten Program can do for your career?

9th September 2021

Check out this Podcast where New York Program alum, Orlagh Shanks (August 2019), interviews fellow New York Program alum, Alex Maidwell (August 2012) about his career and experiences.

Ep14: How to Progress in Your Career with Head of Marketing at the London Stock Exchange Group, Alexander Maidwell

I recently spoke with Alex Maidwell about his length of service at the London Stock Exchange Group (formerly Thomson Reuters and then Refinitiv) and how he progressed from an entry-level placement in New York City to leading a team of 20 as Head of Marketing.
Alex started his career as an intern on the Mountbatten Program in New York, the same program I partook in myself a few years ago. We chatted about similar experiences, how being in New York and networking can accelerate your career and the vast amount of friends for life you can make on the program.