Alumni Masters Program - Mountbatten Program

Alumni Masters Program

1st September 2020

A unique opportunity offered to Mountbatten Alumni by The University of Chester and Mountbatten Online

The Mountbatten Academic Team have developed an opportunity to enable our alumni to virtually study, or top up a current award, for an MA in Entrepreneurial Management (WBIS) or an MBA (WBIS) awarded the University of Chester, UK. The MBA and MA will introduce you to a new business reality, one which searches for competitive advantage in an increasingly complex global environment. The programmes are divided into diverse and relevant modules, including entrepreneurial management, business strategy and planning, digital business and new technology and practical marketing communications. Work-Based Projects are integrated into both programmes and will assist you to develop your analytical, critical thinking and decision-making skills. These work-based projects will not only enable you to utilise your current workplace, and the opportunities it provides, as a learning laboratory, but also be of value to you and your existing, or potential, employers.

  • The aims of the programme starting in October 2020 and March 2021 is to:
  • Promote personal and professional development and improve performance within the workplace.
  • Deliver coherent, meaningful, programmes of study which give learners the opportunity to achieve their desired outcomes in relation to their, and their employer’s, needs.
  • Facilitate reflective practice and develop knowledge and understanding of its underpinning theory in a work-based context.
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and capabilities proper to the field(s) of study related to the work-based environment.

Mountbatten partnered with the University of Chester and their Centre for Work Related Studies (CWRS) in 2014. The Centre for Work Related Studies (CWRS) is an academic department within the award-winning University of Chester in the United Kingdom, the top ranked ‘new’ university in the North West of England. Since becoming partners, CWRS and Mountbatten have jointly developed five PG programmes using the Work Based Integrative Studies (WBIS) framework. CWRS offers professionals an edge and one of the largest centres of their kind in the world. Their distinctive work-based learning approach is highly acclaimed and enables professionals to make a difference to their life and work.

The alumni masters programme is ideal for alumni who are happy to learn within their workplace with the support from tutors who can assist them to develop their professional practice in a way that will enable them to receive academic reward and develop their future careers. Delivery will be over a period of 12-16 months with a degree of flexibility built into the programmes.

For more information please see Alumni Masters Program.