Alumni Masters Program - a hit with students - Mountbatten Program

Alumni Masters Program – a hit with students

8th December 2020

The September 2020 pilot intake is well on the way for our alumni students who have returned to gain an MBA with Mountbatten and the University of Chester. Below is a few comments from one of our students, Andrew Dawson, undertaking this unique work-based study opportunity. For further information please see our Alumni Masters Program page.

Andrew Dawson (New York, March 2012 intake)

Please could you identify the tasks that you have completed on the Programme that have given you the most enjoyment so far.
So far, I have already submitted my first assignment! It might be surprising to count this as something I enjoyed but I haven’t had the opportunity to put my mind to a Paper since 2012/2013 i.e. Mountbatten, so the challenge was really refreshing. It’s been really nice as well to get to meet the people on the course (all Digital of course) especially as some of them are going through the Mountbatten full experience so it’s bringing back some happy memories.

How has the Programme started to influence your thinking about the role you have within your organisation?
Definitely – I wanted to do an MBA so that I could enhance my skillset and refresh how I approach work (and life) so now it’s thinking about how to apply those learnings and challenge my current way of thinking.

Do you consider that your leadership or management skills have been enhanced in any way, since you commenced this Programme?
The first module on the course has been a reflective study using tools such as Myers-Briggs and Belbin. I found it hugely beneficial to stop, think, reflect on a work event and then apply those learnings. Self-reflection is not something that is a common part of my day so this will be something I want to continue to do (maybe even get a journal as recommended…!)

What advice would you give to someone embarking on this type of study?
Find the time and dedicate yourself to it! To do this with your day job takes a number of hours of self-study and dedication to ensure you’re getting the most from the programme. It’s really important if you want to succeed that you engage with the textbooks, the other participants and the tutor. Most of all though, try and enjoy it and take the most from the learning experience.