9.11.2001 - 20th Anniversary - Mountbatten Program

9.11.2001 – 20th Anniversary

11th September 2021

20 years ago today, we remember the unfolding events of that day, as our newly arrived group of Mountbattens (September 2001) sat in orientation in our mid-town location, and current Mountbattens (September 2000, January 2001, and May 2001 intakes) set off to their offices throughout Manhattan.

We will never forget those who lost their lives as well as the families, first responders, friends, colleagues, and New Yorkers impacted by 9/11, including those Mountbatten alumni who were here in NY at that time. While some of our Mountbattens were based in downtown Manhattan, close to the World Trade Center, we will always consider ourselves very fortunate not to have lost any of our trainees that day.

The unity demonstrated by all, particularly New Yorkers, in the days, weeks, and months that followed showed the strength and resilience of New York and this city that we love.

This past 18 months, as the world had to rapidly adapt to life in a pandemic, many of us have had the opportunity to reflect and reassess what is important in our lives and work. As we commemorate this 20th anniversary of 9/11, we also recognize how this only serves to strengthen our resolve in the importance, power, and necessity of international exchange and the transformative work that we do here at the Mountbatten Program.