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Mountbatten Program Partners with AES

31st August 2023


Mountbatten is delighted to announce its partnership with the AES (previously known as Anglo Educational Services), a leading London-based provider of education services and student accommodation. AES boasts a wealth of experience in organising long- and short-term accommodation, unpaid internship placements and customised educational, professional, alumni and sports tours focusing on London, the UK and Europe. The collaboration will see AES assume management of the Mountbatten Program in London and New York, working with the Mountbatten team to grow and expand both programs. The two organisations have worked together for over 20 years, during which AES has provided accommodation and educational support services to Mountbatten in London.

Mountbatten has dedicated 40 years to providing exceptional postgraduate experiential learning and has a powerful track record in helping young professionals jump-start their careers in global business. With a focus on work-based learning, Mountbatten trainees get the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the business environment, gaining critical international experience and exposure through a professional work placement, ranging from scale-ups to Fortune 500 companies. The organisation has consistently produced graduates who excel in their chosen fields and are well-prepared to tackle real-world challenges.

AES is already known for its outstanding undergraduate programmes, emphasizing a holistic approach to education that fosters innovation and practical skills development. AES’s commitment to experiential learning and internships in London for American college students is a perfect compliment to Mountbatten’s mission. Both organisations have enabled their graduates to seamlessly transition into the professional world, equipped with both theoretical knowledge and real-world experience.

Through this partnership, AES and Mountbatten will work closely to grow both the existing programs in London and NYC while also examining opportunities to build on the relationship and create a more diverse set of training, educational and international experiences to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving global workplace.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Mountbatten, true innovators in postgraduate work-based learning,” said Steve Lowy, CEO at AES. “This collaboration allows us to elevate our offerings by incorporating valuable experiential learning opportunities and leveraging Mountbatten’s extensive corporate network whilst also offering postgraduate opportunities to students from the AES network. Together, we will empower students with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to excel in their careers and make a meaningful impact in their fields on both sides of the pond and internationally.”

Ambassador Paul Beresford-Hill CBE, the Chairman of Mountbatten, noted that ‘the global vision of Lord Louis Mountbatten, after whom we were named, and the support of our Patron, Lord Ivar Mountbatten, will be well served through this partnership. In his later life Lord Mountbatten was a tireless supporter of international education and student exchange. His commitment to programs such as the International Baccalaureate and entities such as the United World College movement are testimony to his belief that only through close contact with the culture of other peoples can future generations strive for peaceful co-existence. Globalisation, and the need for business and communities to work together across national boundaries, makes programmes like ours not only relevant, but essential, to a prosperous and economically viable future.”

About AES:
Founded in 1973, AES is a leading provider of academic services and student accommodations in London, committed to delivering exceptional living experiences to students worldwide. With a focus on comfort, convenience, and community, AES strives to create a supportive environment that enhances personal and academic growth. AES Website:

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