We work in partnership with the University of Chester to offer a study program alongside your 12-month work placement.

The MA in Entrepreneurial Management helps our trainees build the skills and knowledge for both entrepreneurship and corporate intrapreneurship. Providing you with practical leadership and entrepreneurial skills in a global business environment. Whether you’re looking to walk away and found your own tech startup or climb the ladder in a leading business, the MA gives you the tools to innovate in either case.

“The Masters has allowed me to reflect on my career and make decisions about where I see myself in the future. There’s not many people that can say that they lived in New York, held down a full time placement and completed a Masters in one short year!”

Florence Jones, New York Program, March 2018 Intake

How it works

You’ll study for your MA throughout your year in NYC with a combination of evening, online and Saturday classes.


  1. Skills and Approaches for Work Based Learning
  2. Managerial Accounting and Finance
  3. Entrepreneurial Management
  4. Practical Marketing Communication
  5. Managing and Leading People
  6. Designing Practitioner Research
  7. Triple Negotiated Experiential Learning