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Program Fees

Interested in our 12-month corporate placement in New York? There is a Program Fee for participation split into three instalments – a non-refundable Application Fee, an Initial Deposit when you enter our candidate pool, and the remaining Program Fee balance, once you are placed with a host organization.

What you receive:

  • Coordination of your J-1 Visa
  • Rent-free, shared accommodation and utilities
  • Monthly stipend of USD $1,275*
  • Health insurance
  • Program support
  • Access to cultural activities and volunteering opportunities
  • A life-changing experience!
Application FeeUSD $100Payable at application. Non-refundable.
Initial DepositUSD $1,000Payable on acceptance into the candidate pool.
Program FeeUSD $5,400Payable when placed with a host organization.
Total Program FeeUSD $6,500**

We also recommend you bear in mind the following additional expenses

  • US Visa Application Fee (MRV fee): USD $185**
  • SEVIS I-901 Fee: USD $220**
  • Travel to the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate for a visa interview
  • Airfare costs to and from New York, which vary according to the time of year and country / city of departure
  • Local transportation costs to and from your placement
  • Housing Security Deposit USD $500
  • Trip interruption / cancellation insurance, personal possessions insurance, and additional medical insurance if required
  • Approximately USD $2,000 – $2,500 will be needed to cover expenses during the first few weeks.

*Gross. Subject to US taxes
**Subject to change