Live and intern in New York City

Spend a life-changing 12-months in New York City enhancing your resume with an international internship, growing your business network and making sure you can walk into a top job with future employers.

We welcome incredible professionals to New York City every year, providing them with a career-boosting corporate placement in a world-class company, and an opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of New York City.

“The whole year was filled with so many amazing memories.”

Agata Bak, New York Program, March 2018 Intake

Outside of their corporate placement our trainees like to make the most of their #MountbattenLife. From brunch to cultural events in the city, weekend roadtrips to the Jersey Shore or longer jaunts to Canada or California, they jam-pack their free time with unforgettable moments.


Our alumni describe their Mountbatten experience as the best year of their lives, making lifelong friends, enjoying U.S. traditions and fulfilling their professional potential.

When we asked our alumni whether Mountbatten had helped their career 97%* gave a strong yes. At the end of the program our trainees walk away with a distinctive resume that helps them stand out in an increasingly competitive job market.

*Based on a 52% response rate from the August 2013 Intake – March 2017 Intake