Why a Global MBA?

Jump-start your global career on two continents

Why a Global MBA?

Where will you be in 16 months?

With the Mountbatten Program, you will have lived on two new continents and have an international MBA awarded by a UK University. Choosing either London or New York for a full time, 12-month work placement as well as courses, you will continue on to Bangkok to finish your degree.

New York and London have long been the centers of international business. With a global business mindset and a diverse population, living, working, and studying in these international cities will give you insight into the world’s top business and cultural hubs.

Asia's economic growth has skyrocketed with no signs of slowing down. You will learn hands on about the rapidly evolving innovations as well as needs of the world's most dynamic region.

The world is changing. With Mountbatten Program's MBA, there is no lag time - your professional experience will feed your academic program and your academics will advance your work. You will learn directly from faculty in small classrooms in London or New York and Bangkok.

Why the Mountbatten Program MBA?

Mountbatten offers more than an MBA. By bringing together full-time international professional experience, people from all around the world, and in-person teaching, your degree will be more than a qualification. An MBA through the Mountbatten Program is a testament to your ability to thrive in a global world, providing you with the experience and degree to transform your career.

Real-world practice

Gain hands on experience while you study with a full-time work placement in international companies. Learn from senior management and industry experts while gaining a year's worth of work experience.

Global network

Our alumni span 48 states and 45 countries. Stay connected to the Mountbatten Community through our alumni portal and events.

Return on investment

On average, our graduates see an increase of 65% to their pre-program salaries. *

Global campus

Don't just learn about global cultures and practices, live them. Mountbatten supports you at every step delivering a seamless experience in London or New York and Bangkok.

Career transformation

Mountbatten opens the door to global opportunities. Our top 10 employers post-program include Citi, Thomson Reuters, and UBS. **

Value for money

Mountbatten provides a 16 month, in person, two continent MBA, as well as a year of full-time professional experience, fully furnished accommodation, and a monthly stipend, all for a fraction of the cost of the average US MBA. See the Fees and Funding page for full details.

Dive into new cultures

Outside of your internship and studies, you will be able to live like a local and truly immerse yourself in vastly different cultures.

Mountbatten Program Trainees take full advantage of London and New York's thriving arts, entertainment, food and sports scene. Whether they are attending free music or theatre events in Hyde Park, going to a game at Yankee Stadium, or keeping up with the Royals, no day is dull. Not to mention the endless travel opportunities across Europe or the US, be that a weekend in Amsterdam, skiing in Vermont, or a quick trip to Paris.

From ornate shrines to Michelin star awarded street food, the floating market to Wat Arun Temple, all in a city with a burgeoning economy and rich culture, Bangkok has something for everyone. Mountbatten also provides cooking classes and excursions to get to know Thailand and all it has to offer.

*    August 2014 – March 2016 intake survey results
**  August 2013 – March 2016 intake survey results