Study - Mountbatten Program

We offer a work-focused professional development program alongside your 12-month work placement.

The Mountbatten Professional Development Program is a self-directed learning program which helps our trainees to build the practical skills and knowledge needed to prepare them for a career in global business through online courses and in-person learning.

The aim is to:

  • Expand your skillset
  • Sharpen your critical thinking skills
  • Increase your international business knowledge
  • Enhance your performance through reflective thinking

This tailored program promotes personal and professional development to improve and inspire performance within the work placement whilst earning a (Coursera) certification to further boost your resume.

“My year-long experience provided some of my best memories and set me on a career-path that I never imagined I’d be on.”
Genna Gincel, London Program, August 2015 Intake

How it works

During your year, you will examine the forces that shape and influence international business through weekend workshops and seminars delivered by academics, industry wide professionals and Mountbatten alumni. You will learn of the challenges and opportunities managers face in core business functions within an international context and develop an appreciation of cultural intelligence as an essential capability/ vehicle to interact and lead effectively.

In addition, you will be enrolled with Coursera where you can select your own courses resulting in a globally recognised certification. The aim of this is to facilitate the learning process through digital tools such as virtual classrooms, engaging content, flexible models, and choice of scale in a single platform. This, in conjunction with the in-person learning, will enable you to upskill, or reskill, in key growth areas – including tech, marketing, and leadership, as you interact with teachers, industry professionals and peers.

As a result, you will have the opportunity to put the knowledge that you have learned into practice and move forwards with an awareness of the challenges of operating in a global, interconnected world that is increasingly digital, yet increasingly characterised by risk, uncertainty and complex problems. This experiential learning program is designed to feed into the placement by teaching relevant skills and theories.


Topics covered during the year

  • Skills and Methods for Personal and Professional Development
  • Organisational Behaviour and Leadership
  • Managerial Accounting and Finance


  • Coursera credentials will expand your career opportunities and allow you to advance into higher-level positions at a future organisation.
  • Ongoing professional development advancing your career opportunities.
  • Access to Academics, Industry professionals and Mountbatten Alumni network.
  • Focus on growing professional skills, enhancing productivity, increasing knowledge and improving performance in your work placement.
  • Skill and performance development training will help you learn specific strategies to improve workplace-related soft skills.