Mountbatten is an approved academic partner of the University of Chester; one of the oldest British Institutions devoted to Higher Education in the UK. From its roots in the North West of England, the University of Chester has more than 175 years of experience developing innovative and socially relevant curricula. Its success is reflected in consistently high levels of student satisfaction, resultant employability and the achievement of its graduates.

We offer a work-based MBA program alongside your 12-month work placement.

The MBA will give trainees the skills, knowledge and confidence to demonstrate their critical-thinking and business acumen through work-based learning. They’ll also achieve a demonstrative resume, higher salary prospects and the ability to walk away and start their own leading company.

“Having an international MBA has opened a lot of doors to a range of professional opportunities.”

Ashley Hubert, London Program, March 2015 Intake

How it works

You’ll study for your MBA throughout your year in London with a combination of evening and Saturday classes. All courses are taught during your year in London. We will then provide academic support remotely (post-program), while you complete your consultancy report based on your workbased research.

MBA Programme Handbook


Do You Need Work Experience to do the MBA programme?

You will need at least two years of work experience for our MBA. Most MBA programmes typically require between two to four years of work experience in order to apply (the average student enters with about five years of professional experience) with two years representing the minimum.

Why Do MBA Programmes Require Work Experience?

This type of on-the-job experience is important because students with relevant professional experience will be better prepared for the curriculum, more confident, and more proactive in their academic experience. Prior work experience will also help MBA students develop clear expectations on what they need out of the programme. This is especially important on a programme such as ours, which takes only 12 to 18 months to complete. Being equipped with relevant experience will in this way enhance the program experience, providing the student with the appropriate knowledge to actively participate in course discussions and enabling real-world applications.


  1. Skills and Approaches for Work-Based Learning
  2. Managing & Leading People
  3. Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  4. Practical Marketing Communications
  5. Business Strategy & Planning
  6. Designing Practitioner Research
  7. Triple Negotiated Experiential Learning Module