Work-Based Master’s Program

Empower your learning and development

A unique opportunity offered to up-skill and earn a Master’s degree


There has never been a better time to up-skill

Mountbatten has developed a new set of work-based learning (WBL) programs in collaboration with the University of Chester, a leader in work-based learning, which enables learners to meet the needs of their organisation whilst earning an MBA or MA Global Business. This is a unique opportunity focused on enhancing performance.

Our programs are divided into discrete and relevant modules, including Business Strategy, Digital Business & New Technology, and Practical Marketing Communications. Work-Based Projects are integrated into our programs and will assist students to develop their analytical, critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Delivery includes the use of remote access and face-to-face learning through our London office over a period of 12-18 months with a degree of flexibility built into the program. All aspects of the program are subject to quality control and validation by the University of Chester.

WBL at a glance

In our experience, work-based learning (WBL) offers more value than traditional training programs; with WBL, the workplace becomes the classroom and all learning is embedded through job roles and workplace activities. The purpose is to address the needs of both employees and employers by developing a range of ‘soft’ or ‘transferable’ skills such as communication, adaptability, problem-solving, teamworking, and time management.

Employer Benefits

Mountbatten has a strong set of values, which includes promoting inspiration, exploration, innovation, creativity, and the sense of being part of a broader global community. These values motivate our faculty to assist you to meet employee expectations and to create a more productive and effective talent management programme in the future. Offering WBL in partnership with Mountbatten can enhance your competitiveness as a company through:

  • Partnership
    The employee can work in partnership with their employer to design and deliver a Work-Based Project that can focus on a solution to address an active strategic need within the business.
  • Talent Management
    The programs can be used to strengthen talent at every level within the organization regardless of the Guiding Principles of your Talent Management Plans. The programs have the potential to improve employee performance, promote employee retention and motivation, provide recognition of employee contributions, attract new employees, and become part of the Talent Review Process within your company.
  • Employee Coaching
    The programs offer professionals, at all levels of the organization, the time and the mental space to reflect, share concerns, and debate new ideas in a non-threatening and thought provoking environment to improve their analytical and leadership skills.
  • Resilient Leaders
    The program can assist employees to develop the ability to implement decisions in a more thoughtful manner, improve business operations, and encourage resilience through the development of insightful thinking and scenario planning skills.
  • Staff retention
    Work-based learning can go a long way in helping businesses retain their staff by enabling employees to progress and achieve job satisfaction. The happier employees are in their jobs, the more likely they are to stay with their employer. Knowing that there is room for progression is also beneficial and will encourage staff to remain loyal.
  • Increased productivity
    Work-based learning can increase employees’ morale and we all know that happier staff work harder, leading to increased productivity. The fact that they will also have the knowledge on how to do their jobs in the most efficient way possible will also help them to increase their levels of productivity. The more productive your staff are, the better chance you stand at achieving bigger profit margins.
  • Enhanced competitiveness
    Offering work-based learning in partnership with Mountbatten can enhance your competitiveness as a company. This is certainly true when it comes to attracting new employees to your business. It is likely that candidates will favour a business that offers a work-based learning program over a similar business that does not, as it shows that you are willing to invest in your employees. Work-based learning also equips employees with relevant skills and knowledge that they can use to do their jobs to a higher standard. Having qualified staff will obviously give you a competitive advantage over businesses that do not, by helping you to win customers and increase your prices, based on the quality of the staff employed at your business.

“The combination of classroom studies and work experience meant that what I learned in school, I was able to practice in the real world. I have grown as both a student and an employee as a result!”

Molly Myers, London Program, August 2019 Intake

High impact learning and development

WBL is an educational strategy that mixes real-life work experiences with academic and technical skills. It is a series of educational courses which integrate the university curriculum with the workplace to create a different learning paradigm.

The aim is to:

  • Promote personal and professional development and improve performance within the workplace.
  • Deliver coherent, meaningful, programs of study which give learners the opportunity to achieve their desired outcomes in relation to their, and their employer’s, needs.
  • Facilitate reflective practice and develop knowledge and understanding of its underpinning theory in a work-based context.
  • Develop the skills, knowledge, and capabilities related to the fields of study for the work-based environment.

Mountbatten will support the student experience, connect them directly to our faculty team and advisers who will assist them in building their individual capability, which will ultimately enhance performance within their organisation.

All modules carry 20 credits except for the Negotiated Experiential Learning Module (IS7 020 NELM) which carries 60 credits. This is a special work-based project driven by workplace practice and experiences, it is individually tailored to match the employees current and prior work experience.


  1. Skills and Approaches for Work-Based Learning
  2. Managing & Leading People
  3. Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  4. Practical Marketing Communications
  5. Business Strategy & Planning
  6. Designing Practitioner Research
  7. Triple Negotiated Experiential Learning Module

MA Global Business

  1. Skills and Approaches for Work Based Learning
  2. Managing and Leading People
  3. Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  4. Global Business
  5. Digital Business and New Technology
  6. Designing Practitioner Research
  7. Triple Negotiated Experiential Learning


The costs of completing these programs depends on the student’s relevant experience and the pathway they take to gain credits.

Enrollment Fee0GBP £500GBP £500
Tuition180GBP £8,500GBP £11,500
Total180GBP £9,000GBP £12,000

Students need 180 credits to complete the MA or MBA. They can also gain credits through APEL. APEL is an Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning – learning achieved through experience, rather than on a formal course. The onus is on the student to prove that learning and experience matches the area for which exemption is claimed, i.e. the module learning outcomes. Mountbatten will help students to determine how much of their prior learning can be credited against the MA or the MBA program. The remaining credits must be made up from modules. Please contact the office for further details.

Entry Requirments

1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
2. Because the programme is work-based, students must be in employment.
3. Must not have previously terminated studies with the University of Chester.
4. MBA programme specific: 3 years of professional work experience.


If the student is a UK citizen their may be eligible for the Master’s loan if they complete all 180 credits afresh: https://www.gov.uk/masters-loan/eligibility

Eligible United States citizens and permanent residents/green card holders may qualify for a Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan: https://www.salliemae.com/student-loans/graduate-student-loans/


For questions on the Work-Based Masters programs and how to apply, please contact llowy@mountbatten.org