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A unique opportunity offered to Mountbatten Alumni by The University of Chester and Mountbatten Online.

“Chance favours the prepared mind…”
Louis Pasteur

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Turn your PGC qualification into an MA or MBA

Mountbatten has developed a new set of exciting learning opportunities in collaboration with the University of Chester. One of these allows our Alumni to “top up” their current PGC award to either an MA or an MBA. Study options allow you to tailor your learning schedule utilizing our London based lecture series, participating in our any-time any-where on line learning, or blending both methods.

As you know, Mountbatten has a unique set of values driven by our commitment to provide experiential learning through international work experience and cultural immersion while developing creativity and self confidence along the way. These values motivate our Team to assist you during your journey to enhance your career aspirations, and quantify your experience with a high level academic degree, after you have graduated from the internship program.

If you have completed a PGC with us, you would have gained 60 credits (20 per module), some of which may now count against the 180 credits required for an MA or MBA. The process requires us to map your previous modules against the current program requirements. Provided there is equivalence across the courses you have already passed, those do not need to be repeated and you can join the program and begin the next relevant module towards your chosen Masters.

The MBA and MA introduce you to a new business reality, one which searches for competitive advantage in an increasingly complex global environment. The programmes are divided into diverse and relevant modules, including entrepreneurial management, business strategy, digital business and new technology and practical marketing communications. Work-Based Projects are integrated into our programmes and these projects will assist you to develop your analytical, critical thinking and decision-making skills. These work-based projects enable you to utilise your current workplace, and the opportunities it provides, as a learning laboratory. A carefully chosen project will be of value to you and to your existing, or potential, employers.


IS7 002 – Skills & Approaches for Work-Based Learning (S&A)
IS7 270 – Finance for Non-Financial Managers (FNFM)
IS7 226 – Managing & Leading People (MLP)
IS7 225 – Practical Marketing Communications (PMC)
IS7 156 – Business Strategy & Planning (BSP)
IS7 022 – Designing Practitioner Research (DPR)
IS7 020 – Triple Negotiated Experiential Learning Module (NELM)


IS7 002 – Skills & Approaches for Work-Based Learning (S&A)
IS7 270 – Finance for Non-Financial Managers (FNFM)
IS7 226 – Managing & Leading People (MLP)
IS7 050 – Entrepreneurial Management (EM)
IS7 271 – Digital Business & New Technology (DBNT)
IS7 022 – Designing Practitioner Research (DPR)
IS7 020 – Triple Negotiated Experiential Learning Module (NELM)

All modules in the program carry 20 credits except the IS7 020 NELM (Negotiated Experiential Learning Module). This is your unique Work Based project, individually tailored to match your current and prior work experience and which carries 60 credits. All aspects of the program are subject to quality control and validation by the University of Chester.


The benefits of the top up programme include greater flexibility and choice of delivery method (in class and/or remote/on-line learning), allowing you to build a collaborative environment, mix independent and group learning and expand your global network within a diverse student community of talented people. This will ultimately enhance your career development and provide you with an integrated approach to business management. Other benefits will include:

  • By integrating your previous study, the degrees are extremely affordable.
  • An advanced degree to assist you in accelerating your career.
  • You will have faster access to a new globally recognized qualification.
  • Opportunities for interaction through Forums and Collaborative Activities with colleagues in a broad range of dynamic companies.
  • Use of Multimedia based systems and classes through our newly developed ‘Mountbatten Online’ delivery portal.
  • Balance studying at Mountbatten in London or remotely, with the demands of your job and your geographic location
  • ‘Mountbatten Online’ will provide you with a “sense of independence and control” over your learning.

These new learning opportunities will support your work experience, connect you directly to our Faculty Team and Mountbatten Advisors who will assist you in managing your talent, building competencies and meeting your career development objectives.


Because we are utilizing our new ‘Mountbatten Online’ delivery platform you can access these degree programmes from anywhere in the world, as long as you have good internet access and IT support. While students living near London may wish to sign up for courses delivered face to face by our lecturers, others may have an almost identical experience through both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Our unique Learning Management System will give students access to relevant resources as well as on-line library and research facilities.


The costs of completing these programmes depends on the academic credits you can transfer, your relevant experience and the pathway you take to gain your remaining credits. Credit for your Postgraduate Certificate guarantees a reduced entry price.

You need 180 credits to complete your MA or MBA. You can transfer up to 40 credits from your Mountbatten PGC. You can also gain up to 60 credits through APEL. APEL is an Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning – learning achieved through experience, rather than on a formal course. The onus is on you to prove that your learning and experience matches the area for which exemption is claimed. Mountbatten will help you to determine how much of your prior learning can be credited against the MA or the MBA programme. Your remaining credits must be made up from modules.

Enrollment Fee0GBP £500GBP £500
Transfer from PGCUp to 40GBP £0GBP £0
APEL20GBP £445GBP £445
Module20GBP £710GBP £960

Example Cost MA:  £4,675   MBA:  £5,675

Enrollment Fee0GBP £500GBP £500
Transfer from PGC40GBP £0GBP £0
APEL60GBP £1,335GBP £1,335
Modules80GBP £2,840GBP £3,840
TOTAL180GBP £4,675GBP £5,675

If you are a UK citizen you may also be eligible for the Master’s loan: https://www.gov.uk/masters-loan/eligibility


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