We partner with leading companies in London and New York, connecting them with stellar international talent. Coming from around the world our trainees are highly ambitious, capable of becoming the trailblazers of tomorrow.

We work with our partner companies to curate a shortlist of candidates but the organization always has the final say. Since we started in 1984, we’ve matched more than 7,000 of our Mountbatten trainees with companies such as Barclays, BlackRock, British Airways, Citi, Fever Tree, HSBC, Institutional Investor, Thomson Reuters and more. One measure of our success is that they will often go on to hire their Mountbattens back in their home country.



  • Internationalize your work force

  • Build your global talent pipeline

  • Create diverse, imaginative teams

  • Nurture the leaders of tomorrow


The Mountbatten Program works with companies of all sizes and industry types in London and New York. We’ll talk through where a Mountbatten trainee could play a role, whether that’s in finance, business operations, HR, marketing and communications, events or something else entirely. We do charge a partnership fee for every placement; this gets used to pay Mountbatten trainees a monthly living wage plus housing, bills, health coverage, visa processing, taxes and more. We also take care of all the admin, meaning no drain on your team or HR resource.

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