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MBA - Qualification

A recognised qualification

The MBA in International Business Practice is validated by St Mary's University, Twickenham. It is delivered according to their Academic Regulations, available on request, as they apply to the Mountbatten Institute, by the Mountbatten Institute in New York and London, and concludes with Field Research in Bangkok, Thailand. These regulations must be read in conjunction with the Subject Regulations ( for this particular degree programme. The award will be presented at a ceremony organised by St Mary's. The degree fulfills the requirements for postgraduate Masters level study in the United Kingdom and is moderated and subject to both internal and external quality control. An external Validation Committee approved the award of the degree early in 2009 and praised the high standards and integrity of the programme. Transferability of graduate credit in the UK, Europe and America is determined solely by the university to which the individual has applied for transfer. Applicants interested in transferring graduate credit received should consult both the graduate program department and the admissions office of their prospective college or university to ascertain both the potential and the procedure for credit transfer.