How to Apply

How to Apply

We are delighted that you are considering applying.

Please make sure you read the London section of this website (as shown in the navigator panel on the left of your screen). If you have any questions or concerns about either your eligibility or requirements feel free to reach out to your admissions office.

London Program Start Dates

March 2016 programme - Participants will start the programme in London on the third week in March 2016 through March 2017.

August 2016 programme - Participants should arrive in London on the third week in August 2016 through August 2017.

Application Deadlines

March 2016 programme - October 31, 2015.

August 2016 programme - March 31, 2016.

If the deadline falls on a weekend or national holiday, we will accept applications postmarked on the following business day.

Information and Application Pack

If you wish to apply now, or you are interested in applying later but meanwhile would like more detail, please download the London Programme Information and Application Pack.

Please read carefully the relevant Information and Application Pack before you proceed to the online application form. This pack contains additional and critical information pertaining to the application process.

Select your London Programme Information and Application Pack based on which admissions office you are applying through: the New York Office or the Bangkok Office. Make sure you select the correct pack:

For applying through the New York Admissions Office: PDF lon-info-pack-newyork.pdf

For applying through the Bangkok Admissions Office: PDF lon-info-pack-bangkok.pdf

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