Bangkok Accommodation

Well appointed and more than a home from home!

Much will be required of you during your fieldwork programme in Asia, and having a quiet and comfortable living space was an important criterion for us when we considered the establishment of an Asia/Pacific program. Our living arrangements offer privacy and comfort.

Bangkok Housing Building

We strive to offer each student a single comfortably furnished room (some rooms may be larger than others). All are furnished to very good standard and come with cable TV and internet access, all of which is included. Our apartments are located near quick and reliable transportation and therefore are within easy access to research and teaching areas and the Mountbatten Program office. Apartments are fully air-conditioned and the program will pay your electricity bill. There is a surcharge, however, for those who use excessive electricity. The apartments are all self-catering, although lunch is provided during seminar days. The Mountbatten Program also provides transportation passes. Security is provided in each apartment building and students are required to sign in guests and visitors.

Bangkok Housing Room